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Thursday 31st October:  Matchpoint Pairs
Friday 1st November:  IMP Pairs (one-session event)
Saturday 2nd November IMP Pairs (one-session event)
Sunday 3rd November:  Charity Challenge
Monday 4th November:  Warm-Up Pairs
Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th November:  Open Pairs
Friday 8th – Sunday 10th November:  Open Teams
Monday 11th November:  Cool-Down Pairs 

For full programme see PROGRAMME page


Entries will be in two stages:

  • RESERVATION:  complete the Reservation form to tell us which of the main events and social programme events you intend to play in, and whether you wish to book a hotel package.  We will send you an ID CODE and payment details by email.
  • REGISTRATION:  once you and your partner and/or team-mates have ID CODES, you can complete the Registration form to confirm your participation in the main events.  At this stage we will allocate a Bridgemate number, the same number as before if you have played in the tournament before, or a new number if this is your first visit. 

Please note:

  • your entry for the Open Pairs will not be complete until you have registered via the online Registration form, for which both you and your partner will need ID CODES.
  • Your entry for the Open Teams will not be complete until you have registered via the online Registration form (or via the paper Teams Registration form once you arrive).  In order to complete the online Registration form at least four players will need ID CODES; you may register additional players later, up to a maximum of six.

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to email us at:



As inscrições serão efectuadas em duas fases:

  • RESERVA: preencha o formulário RESERVATION para nos indicar quais os eventos principais e os eventos do programa social em que pretende participar e se pretende reservar um pacote de hotel. Enviar-lhe-emos um ID CODE e os dados de pagamento por correio eletrónico. 
  • INSCRIÇÃO: assim que você e o seu parceiro e/ou companheiros de equipa tiverem ID CODES, pode preencher o formulário REGISTRATION para confirmar a sua participação nos eventos principais. Nesta fase, atribuir-lhe-emos um número de Bridgemate, o mesmo número que o anterior se já tiver jogado no torneio anteriormente, ou um novo número se esta for a sua primeira visita.


  • a sua inscrição para os Pares Open não estará completa até se ter registado através do formulário REGISTRATION online, para o qual tanto você como o seu parceiro precisarão de ID CODES.
  • A sua inscrição para as Equipas Open só estará completa depois de se ter inscrito através do formulário REGISTRATION online (ou através do formulário de inscrição das Equipas em papel, assim que chegar). Para completar o formulário de inscrição online, pelo menos quatro jogadores precisam de ID CODES; pode registar mais jogadores mais tarde, até um máximo de seis.

Se tiver alguma dúvida sobre este processo, não hesite em enviar-nos um e-mail para:




Complete this form FIRST

You cannot complete the form below until you have first completed the RESERVATION form and received an ID CODE for yourself and your partner and/or team-mates


Our complete guide to the 27th Madeira International Bridge Open – everything you will need to know once you arrive – is now available via the OPEN 2024 menu or by clicking HERE

Our usual expert, Mark Horton, is unavailable this year to go through the previous day’s hands in his daily ‘Mark Your Card’ sessions.

Luckily we have a super-sub in the form of David Burn, English international and bridge journalist, who will review the hands with you.  A different style, but just as much expertise (and at least as much wit).

Join David every day from Tuesday to Friday in Selvagens Room 1.

We have introduced three new excursions for Friday 8th November.  See our SOCIAL EVENTS & EXCURSIONS page for details.

OVER THE WAVES:  A dolphin-watching boat trip, with a chance of whales and an opportunity for a swim if the weather is fine.

LEVADA DOS CEDROSA tranquil walk through the ancient forests of Madeira

MYSTICAL LANDSCAPES:  a magical journey across the high marshland of Paúl da Serra to the north-west coast 

This year we are simplifying the booking process by splitting it into two parts.

Reservation:  players (and non-players) will complete the Reservation form to tell us they are coming to the tournament, to book and pay for the events they intend to play in and any social events, and to reserve one of our hotel packages if required.  We will reply by email with the total price to pay, and an ID CODE for each person included in the reservation.

Registration:  once you have your ID code, you can complete the Registration form for the Open Pairs and/or Open Teams with your partner, provided he or she also has an ID code. This step will register your entry with the Directors.  If you do not already have a Madeira International BRIDGEMATE NUMBER, it will be allocated at this stage; if you have played in the tournament before, we will use the same BRIDGEMATE NUMBER as last time.

Hence, players will have two numbers:

  • Reservation ID Code, which identifies you for hotel bookings and payments
  • BridgeMate number, which identifies you for scoring purposes.

You will not have to remember these numbers:  everyone will be issued with a barcoded badge at the Welcome Desk, and will need to wear or carry their badge for every bridge event or social event in which they participate.

(This will avoid the situation a few players experienced last year, in which one player in a pair had told us the name of their partner, but the partner had not made a reservation, or had not paid.)

Entry fees for the 27th Madeira International Bridge Open are now available on the ENTRY FEES page.

Discounts are available for:
*Early booking (paid for by 31st August)
*Juniors (≤ 23 years old)



We will open for bookings on 1st June.


2023 Open Pairs Champions
John Hurd (USA) & Mikael Rimstedt (Sweden)

2023 OpenTeams Champions
The Presidents:  Sebastian Reim, Marie Eggeling, Guido Hopfenheit, Paul Grünke (Germany)


Bulletins from the 2023 Madeira International Bridge Open


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