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Here we are yet again saying goodbye after another successful event, the 26th Madeira International Bridge Open.

I hope you all enjoyed the competition. As you can imagine, we are already thinking about next year:  we are counting on you and your friends to be here, and we hope you will say good things about this event and this beautiful island.

Remember that the dates for 2024 are November 5th to 10th.

Thanking you all and I hope to see you next year.

Miguel Teixeira


Cá estamos nós mais uma vez a despedirmo-nos depois de mais um evento de sucesso, o 26º Open Internacional de Bridge da Madeira.

Espero que todos tenham gostado da competição. Como podem imaginar, já estamos a pensar no próximo ano: contamos com a vossa presença e dos vossos amigos, e esperamos que digam coisas boas sobre este evento e sobre esta bela ilha.

Lembrem-se que as datas para 2024 são de 5 a 10 de novembro.

Obrigado a todos e espero ver-vos no próximo ano.

Miguel Teixeira


2023 Open Pairs Champions
John Hurd (USA) & Mikael Rimstedt (Sweden)

2023 OpenTeams Champions
The Presidents:  Sebastian Reim, Marie Eggeling, Guido Hopfenheit, Paul Grünke (Germany)


Yet another MIBO record:  44 pairs played in the Cool-Down event, bringing the 2023 tournament to a close.

In the North-South line, a convincing win for Marc van Beijsterveldt and Maria van der List, with 60.99%.  East-West winners were Allie Hoenstok and Eduardo Fernandes, with 57.42%.  Congratulations on securing the final slots in this year’s hall of fame.

1st Marc van Beijsterveldt – Maria van der List 60.99%

2nd Laura Woodruff – Andrei Kavalenka 56.87%
3rd Jacob Bereslavsky – Mike Reuser 56.50%
4th Ann-Sophie Anderson – Patrik Eriksson 56.41%
5th Jeppe Juhl – Kjeld Hansen 55.49%

1st Allie Hoenstok – Eduardo Fernandes 57.42%
2nd Sigurdur Skagfjord – Svanhildur Hall 57.23%
3rd Gisli Thorarinsson – Thordur Sigurdsson 55.77%
4th Svein Arne Munkvold – Knut Kjaernsrod 55.40%
5th Ingibjorg Gudmundsdottir – Vigdis Sigurjonsdottir 54.85%

Full results HERE

Congratulations to this year’s winners, THE PRESIDENTS: Sebastian Reim, Guido Hopfenheit, Marie Eggeling, Paul Grünke (Germany).

The final round head-to-heads proved to be critical to the result.  After the penultimate round Nuno Matos were two VPs ahead of The Presidents. Nuno Matos managed a small win against Crashtest Dummies but The Presidents had a huge win over BEAlert and leapfrogged into first place. Cole finished in third.

1st The Presidents:  Reim, Hopfenheit, Eggeling, Grünke (Germany) 173.12
2nd Nuno Matos:  Teixeira (Madeira), Brenner (Brazil), Luiz (Madeira), Paz (Portugal) 166.05
3rd Cole:  Cole (USA), Bianchedi, Madala (Argentina), Palma (Portugal) 155.55
4th Crashtest Dummies: Imsa, Olla (Latvia), Lahrmann, Eyde (Denmark) 152.12
5th Baldursson:  Einarsson, Jonsson, Jonsson, Johansson (Iceland) 151.96
6th Nasa Rofl:  Danielsen, Bekkouche (Denmark), Welland, Auken (Germany) 151.62

7th Bunnik-Side:  van Hoof, van den Bergh, van der Wouden, Winkel (Netherlands) 149.88
8th Hanabi:  Barendregt, Schols, Coppens, Groenenboom (Netherlands) 148.83
9th Miniter:  Miniter, Grue, Hurd (USA), Rimstedt (Sweden) 147.66
10th Baleal:  Pereira, Cruzeiro, Morbey, Castaño (Portugal) 146.77
11th Wasinoned:  Pichler, Weigkricht, Smederevac, Wernle (Austria) 145.87
12th Bricklayer:  Metselaar, Reuser, Barendregt, van Santen (Netherlands) 145.52

Full results HERE

All change at the top:  the Northern European dominance of Session 1 has been overturned, with perennial winners Nuno Matos rising from 24th to 1st; Portuguese mainlanders Baleal from 36th to 2nd; and the Luso-Argentine-USA combo Cole from 11th to 7th.  In between are The Presidents (Germany) in 3rd, Crashtest Dummies (Latvia/Denmark) in 4th, Bricklayer (Netherlands) in 5th and Nasa Rofl (Denmark/Germany) in 6th.

1st Nuno Matos (Teixeira – Brenner – Luiz – Paz) 134.53
2nd Baleal (Pereira – Cruzeiro – Morbey – Castaño) 124.00
3rd The Presidents (Reim – Hopfenheit – Eggeling – Grünke) 122.09
4th Crashtest Dummies (Imsa – Olla – Lahrmann – Eyde) 119.50
5th Bricklayer (Metselaar – Reuser – Barendregt – van Santen) 117.01

6th Nasa Rofl (Danielsen – Bekkouche – Welland – Auken) 115.72
7th Cole (Cole – Bianchedi – Madala – Palma) 114.51
8th Bjertnes (Bjertnes – Maanum – Munkvold – Kjaernsrod) 114.47
       BEAlert (Wodniansky – Kuhn – Gotsev – Kroening) 114.47
10th Baldursson (Einarsson – Jonsson – Jonsson – Johansson) 114.20

Full results HERE

Another record for the Madeira International Bridge Open:  111 teams are doing battle for this year’s trophy.

Early leaders are Nordil Five:  Katrine Martenson-Larsen (Denmark), Flemming Poulsen (Denmark), Svein Arild Naas Olsen (Norway), Gunn Helness (Norway), Tor Helness (Norway), on 49.15 VPs.  Since less than 1 VP separates the first four teams, it’s all to play for.

1st Nordil Five (Martensen-Larsen – Poulsen – Olsen – Helness – Helness) 49.15
2nd R1F3 (Zarkesch – Boeddeker – Coutinho – Nautilus) 48.46
3rd Szenberg (Szenberg – Milaszewski – Wlad – Kavalenka – Micescu 48.42
4th Baldursson (Einarsson – Jonsson – Jonsson – Johansson) 48.27
5th Nasa Rofl (Danielsen – Bekkouche – Welland – Auken) 46.60

6th Lupo Veloce (Berger – Burg – Lauss – Zelnik) 46.48
7th Contract Killers (Madsen – Vainer – Brandgaard – Brandgaard) 45.74
8th Bunnik-Side (van Hoof – van den Bergh – van der Wouden – Winkel) 44.61
9th Kellobello (Hansen – Vos – Spencer – Kay) 43.91
10th Hanabi (Barendregt – Schols – Coppens – Groenenboom) 43.21

Full results HERE

Another reshuffle at the top:  John Hurd and Mikael Rimstedt produced a huge 68.16% to overtake the 11 pairs above them and take the trophy with a total score of 61.91%.  Meanwhile, Piotr Marcinowski and Andrzej Jaszczak rose four places to finish second, only 0.25% behind the winners.

Non-movers at the top were David Kendrick and Patrick Shields, who kept third place on 61.49%, and Luís Castaño and Pedro Morbey, who also hung on to fourth with 61.32%.

Piotr Walczak and Adam Blachnio crept up from 7th to 5th.

Congratulations to the winners, and our thanks to everyone who took part.

1st John Hurd – Mikael Rimstedt (USA/Sweden) 61.91%
2nd Piotr Marcinowski – Andrzej Jaszczak (Poland) 61.66%
3rd David Kendrick – Patrick Shields (England/Wales) 61.49%
4th Luís Castaño – Pedro Morbey (Portugal) 61.32%
5th Piotr Walczak – Adam Blachnio (Poland) 60.64%

6th Stephen Zolotow – Anam Tebha (USA) 59.83%
7th Marcel Winkel – Huub van der Wouden (Netherlands) 59.61%
8th Thor-Erik Hoftaniska – Christian Bakke (Norway) 59.58%
9th Goran Hammarstrom – Simon Bech (Sweden) 59.50%
10th Igor Grzejdziak – Sabina Grzejdziak (Poland) 59.44%

Full results HERE



Some big 2nd-session scores have reshuffled the pack, but leaders Stephen Zolotow and Anam Tebha hung onto first place.  Helmut Haeusler and Daniela von Arnim, who won the second session with an impressive 67.38%, climbed from 35th to 2nd; while David Kendrick and Patrick Shields rose from 11th to 3rd with a session score of 64.05%.

1st Stephen Zolotow – Anam Tebha 63.46%
2nd Helmut Haeusler – Daniela von Arnim 62.10%
3rd David Kendrick – Patrick Shields 62.07%
4th Ruud von Seida – Pim Coppens 60.67%
5th Piotr Marcinowski – Andrzej Jaszczak 60.41%

6th Luís Castaño – Pedro Morbey 60.35%
7th Piotr Walczak – Adam Blachnio 60.28%
8th Bjarni Einarsson – Birkir Jon Jonsson 59.61%
9th Pedro Rebelo – Nuno Rebelo 59.16%
10th Thor-Erik Hoftaniska – Christian Bakke 59.11%

Full results HERE

An astonishing 246 pairs are playing in this year’s Open Pairs tournament.  Thank you to all of you who have returned (a few for the 26th time), and welcome to our new players – we hope you are enjoying the tournament and will come again.

Early leaders are Piotr Walczak and Adam Blachnio of Poland, who lead Americans Stephen Zolotow and Anam Tebha by 2.02 matchpoints.  Lying third are Pedro and Nuno Rebelo of Portugal.

1st Piotr Walczak – Adam Blachnio (Poland) 67.64%
2nd Stephen Zolotow – Anam Tebha (USA) 65.62%
3rd Pedro Rebelo – Nuno Rebelo (Portugal) 63.34%
4th Guido Hopfenheit – Sebastian Reim (Germany) 61.95%
5th Pedro Macedo – Laura Woodruff (Madeira) 61.43%
6th Piotr Marcinowski – Andrzej Jaszczak (Poland) 61.41%
7th Torbjörn Arffman – Peter Bertheau (Sweden) 60.88%
8th Harry Burmania – Willem Flisijn (Netherlands) 60.77%
9th Jan Clementsson – Bonnie Clementsson (Sweden) 60.55%
10th Detlev Kroening – Hristo Gotsev (Germany) 60.10%

Full results HERE

A record 132 pairs played in the 2023 Warm-up event.  Gabriel Gislason and Gisli Steingrimsson of Iceland took first place from fellow-countrymen Ingi Agnarsson and Aron Thorfinsson, with Wolfgang Lauss and Heinrich Berger of Austria in third.

Top Madeiran pair were José Macedo and João Machado in 19th place on 57.32%. 

1st Gabriel Gislason – Gisli Steingrimsson (Iceland) 65.34%
2nd Ingi Agnarsson – Aron Thorfinsson (Iceland) 64.67%
3rd Wolfgang Lauss – Heinrich Berger (Austria) 64.21%
4th Boudewijn van Peer – Jaap van den Berg (Netherlands) 63.71%
5th David Willis – Steve Root (England) 62.81%

Full results HERE

Don’t forget the Warm-up Pairs, 20:30 on Monday in the Selvagens Suite in Tower 2 at Vidamar. Entry fee €15. Cash prizes.

The 2023 Charity Challenge was won by Southern Europe (a collection of players from various Southern European nations, none of which fielded enough players to qualify as a separate country).  Runners-up were Northern Europe (ditto), and Iceland (which did field enough players to count as a separate nation, despite having a population of only 373,000) was third.

€1967.10 was raised for our charity of the year.

Top Pairs:

1st Lars K Nielsen – Mette Drogemuller (Denmark) 65.97%
2nd António Campos Palma – Maya Bjork Heed (Portugal/Sweden) 62.08%
3nd Gabriel Gislason – Gisli Steingrimsson (Iceland) 60.21%
4nd Rolf Tolle – Svein Markussen (Norway) 58.40%
5nd Bernódus Kristinsson – Omar Oskarsson (Iceland) 58.13%

Full results HERE

Do good and do well at the same time – come and play in our Charity Pairs tournament on Sunday at 16:00 (VidaMar Conference Centre).  Minimum entry fee €15, but please donate generously if you can.

This year’s charity is the Special Education Unit at the Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia Middle School The Special Education Unit was created in 2013 as part of a programme of inclusivity:  to create a universal school, where each child and young person is given the care, attention and respect they deserve in a mainstream environment, and the opportunity to realise their full learning potential; where individual difference is seen not as a problem but rather as a value, enriching and challenging the creativity and professionalism of education professionals.  It promotes a sense of belonging and participation in children and young people in school classes, routines and activities, by a range of strategies which facilitate access to the curriculum.  It also promotes and supports access to leisure, social participation and independent living, and supports the process of transition to post-school life, making the most of existing school resources and establishing partnerships, and inviting the community to participate and enrich the educational process of these students.

A round half-century of players took part in the second IMP Pairs tournament.  The runaway winners were Dennis Ottevanger and Agnes Wesseling of the Netherlands, with a score of +2.70.

Runners-up on +1.95 were Haakan Tjarnemo and Bengt Emanuelsson of Sweden, with the newly-hatched Germany-Israel partnership of Nick Nautilus and Jacob Bereslavsky taking third place on +1.57.

Top Madeiran pair were John Arblaster and Mel Barlow (UK/Canada) on +0.74.

1st Dennis Ottevanger – Agnes Wesseling (Netherlands) +2.70
2nd Haakan Tjarnemo – Bengt Emanuelsson (Sweden) +1.95
3rd Nick Nautilus (Germany) – Jacob Bereslavsky (Israel) +1.57
4th Harry Burmania – John Linse (Netherlands) +1.41
5th Aron Thorfinsson – Birkir Jon Jonsson (Iceland) +1.32

Full results HERE

Our first IMP Pairs tournament saw Mads Eyde and Christian Lahrmann of Denmark triumph over the two Dutch pairs in 2nd and 3rd place.  Local favourites Pedro Morgado and Eduardo Fernandes finished a creditable fourth.

1st Mads Eyde – Christian Lahrmann +2,38
2nd Dennis Ottevanger – Agnes Wesseling +2,07 
3rd Han Begas – Lucia Grosmann +1,42 
4th Pedro Morgado – Eduardo Fernandes +1,07 

Full results HERE

The opening event of the 2023 tournament – the Portuguese Simultaneous Pairs – was won by Harry Burmania and John Linse of the Netherlands, with a score of 63.79%.

Runners-up were Marit Aastrand and Per Hult of Sweden, on 59.47%.  In 3rd place were our perennial visitors from La Belle France, Françoise and Michel Ingelbert, with 57.82%.

Full results HERE

11 more pairs … 3 new nationalities … it’s the biggest ever Madeira International Bridge Open.

You can find the player list (by nationality) HERE

Or the list of pairs HERE

You can see the list of players who have already entered this year’s tournament HERE


Bulletins will be posted below as soon as available.  Hard copies may be obtained from the breakfast room at VidaMar, and in the lobby under the Results screen.


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